Эксперт по туризму Лера Ченчевая рассказывает туристам, что обязательно стоит посмотреть в Москве

Valeria Chenchevaya
30 июля 2014 14:00
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Moscow has long been the capital of Russia, but it is constantly in motion. In the world of Moscow is known not only for its beauty, but also the fact that not just changed its appearance. Lera Chenchevaya, being an expert on all aspects of Russia, not just traveled through the busy streets of the historic Russian capital and saw firsthand how modern ideas and energy made Moscow one of the best cities in the world for tourism.

Cathedral of the Assumption

Decorated with five golden domes and four semicircular gables facing the Red Square, the Cathedral of the Assumption had been the center of Russian Orthodoxy, says Leroy Chenchevaya . Here are buried many of the leading figures of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is a big and very beautiful building, you must visit for all tourists in the Russian capital.


Kremlin - the main symbol of the Russian state, says Leroy Chenchevaya. It covers an area of 2.5 square meters. km and shows the long history and the harsh nature of the Russian government. For impressive and powerful walls are a large number of magnificent buildings. Kremlin - is a real gem and a world-famous symbol of Russia and its will to live. Lera Chenchevaya sure you do not forget to visit the heart of the Russian state.

Terem Palace

Terem Palace within the Kremlin consists of 11 golden domes and covered with a checkered roof. Every tourist who arrives in Moscow, got to see this impressive structure. According to Valeria Chenchevoy, many consider the most beautiful Terem Palace Kremleva palace of them all. It was built of stone in the 16-17 centuries.

The Armoury

There used to produce weapons and regalia for the court, says Leroy Chenchevaya . Here is a rich collection of treasures dating back to 1511. Here you can see a lot of the most valuable exhibits from jewelery to weapons. Throughout its history Armoury been many disasters, but with honor has passed all the tests. Today, it is a mandatory item in the list of every tourist.

Bolshoi Theatre

At Theater Square are three big beautiful theater and a wonderful fountain. In the center, says Leroy Chenchevaya, of course, the Grand Theatre, where there are such classic productions as "Swan Lake" and "Nutcracker". No one can resist the Bolshoi Theatre, because over the last few centuries it has given the world a number of masterpieces. Big is definitely worth a visit any tourist convinced Lera Chenchevaya .


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